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For full guidance and study leave policy from HEE you can visit their site, however, here are the main highlights:


Study leave for Foundation Year 1 doctors takes the form of regular teaching sessions (Core Teaching).  F1s may use up to 5 days of their F2 study leave for tasters to inform future career decision making.​  F1s may also use 1 day of their F2 study leave to attend a careers planning workshop offered by HEE (SW).  F1s cannot borrow F2s days for anything else unless express permission has been sought from and granted by Dr Sarah Rawlinson (Head of Foundation School for the Peninsula).  F1 s have no study leave budget.

Study leave for Foundation Year 2

  • Study leave applications should be signed off by your Educational Supervisor and the relevant rota coordinator before being submitted to us for final approval.  We must receive the completed form at least 6 weeks prior to UK events and 8 weeks prior to overseas events.

  • You must obtain Foundation Programme Director authorisation before booking on to any aspirational courses.  You must also ensure your e-portfolio is up to date and your PDP is relevant to the course specified.  If this is not done, your study leave or any related expenses will not be approved.

       Your F2 Foundation Programme Director is Mr Tim Hookway

  • Completed applications should be submitted to the postgraduate medical centre with a minimum of six weeks' notice.  An application should not be regarded as approved until confirmation has been received from the foundation programme team.

  • You might be at risk of your study leave being rejected if this is not done.

  • If you have followed the study leave process correctly and approval from the relevant persons have been given then the course/conference fees and any expenses relating to your study leave can be claimed in full (within the specified limits of the expenses budget)

  • Study leave is divided into 'Essential

    or    'Aspirational

  • Essential is anything that is Foundation Curriculum aligned and consists of the following courses: ​

    • Any Regional Teaching Course booked through Maxcourse

    • ALS​

    • NLS

    • Leadership Courses aimed purely at Foundation trainees

    • Train the trainer / Teach the Teacher

    • Conference attendance if presenting a poster

    • National UKFPO Conference

    • Time only (not expenses) for sitting exams (study leave cannot be used to prepare / revise for exams)

    • Xray / Radiology skills aimed purely at Foundation trainees.

    • Any conference aimed purely at Foundation Doctors

  • Aspirational is anything that is intended to support future career plans and includes: 


    • BSS

    • Attendance at non-foundation related conferences without a poster presentation.

If you have any doubts as to whether the course/conference is classed as essential or aspirational please contact Kate Talmage prior to applying.

  • Overseas courses and conferences are not normally permitted and exceptional permission will need to be given by the Head of Foundation School for the Peninsula.  There is also a specific process you need to follow to apply for overseas study leave and expenses so please contact the foundation team for further information.

  • Click on the link below for an electronic version of the Study Leave Application Form, or ask the foundation team to email you a copy.  You can also collect a paper version of the form from either the PGMC, or from your rota office.  



Taster Weeks

To arrange a taster week you will need to follow a number of steps:

  • You will need to allow at least 6 weeks for the process.  Your current rota coordinator and the department where you wish to spend your taster week need time to adjust the rota's to accommodate your request.

  • Speak with your current department/rota coordinator to plan the best week to take your taster.  Try and have 2 or 3 choices of week to offer the chosen taster department as they may not be able to accommodate your 1st choice.

  • Speak with your Educational Supervisor regarding your choice of taster department and how this will help and inform future career decision making.

  • Speak with the department where you would like to spend your taster week to plan the best dates to come for your taster.  Discuss with them what you would ideally like to experience and what you want to get from spending a week with them.  As them what you will be doing day to day and who you will follow.  Most departments offer a really good taster week timetable with a great deal of variety to enable you to get the most out of your time with them.

  • Complete a study leave form (attached to the end of the taster week form below or click on above link)

  • Complete a taster week application form (available below).

  • Complete a taster week report within 1 month of completion of your taster week (report form available below).​