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The following is the process and policy for all trainees above Foundation.  If you are Foundation Year 1, you are not entitled to study leave in addition to the teaching sessions and training days already scheduled.  For FY2, please find information on our dedicated foundation section.

Each postgraduate doctor in training will have an annual entitlement of 30 days’ study leave,

Regional teaching and training days are included in the 30 days allowance, and the time off will need to be applied for prior to attendance. 

You can only apply for study leave if your mandatory training on the ESR portal is up to date at the time of applying. This applies to both time and any associated expenses.


All study leave needs to be applied for prospectively (with at least 6 weeks notice)

Any approved expenses must then be claimed for within 3 months of the event date.  The SL application form is linked below and expenses claim forms will be sent out via email if your SL is approved.

Regardless of whether you wish to claim expenses or not, all study leave time needs to be applied for.  You will need to complete the UHP study leave application form, with the appropriate signatures included and submit to: 


Once your study leave is approved by PGMC you will receive an email from us detailing how to claim expenses. 

We will be unable to process expenses if we do not have a study leave application on file which was approved prior to your study leave dates.


NHSe has a list of activities that are not covered by the study leave budget and are therefore not funded.  This list can be found here: NHSe Excluded Expenses


There is a different process for applying for overseas study leave which is managed by NHSe.  Please note that your application must be sent at least a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event.  Please refer to the NHSe guidance for overseas study leave HERE:

When Study Leave is approved you will receive an approval email which includes an expenses claim form and details on how you can claim your related expenses.

All receipts need to be attached to your expenses claim form.

       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What can be claimed for:  Please note the below is guidance around the main claimable expenses - for more detailed information please see: the expenses section on NHSe website

Travel and Subsistence

Overseas flights are ineligible; however travel to port of exit is accepted. 

Internal flights are eligible, providing cost does not exceed total return mileage.  All public transport must have receipts attached.  If you are driving, mileage to and from the event is £0.30/mile, and extra passengers (£0.05). This should be completed in full on the expense form.

  • Travel Expenses:  Travel must be taken using the most cost-effective means possible and NHS England SW reserve the right to reimburse travel at the most cost-effective rate if submissions are excessive; Own vehicle use @ 30p per mile and calculated from work base to educational event and not from home to educational event.

Subsistence and Accommodation:

Claimable expenses are as follows:

  • Outside London – Overnight costs up to a maximum of £120 including breakfast

  • In London - Overnight costs up to a maximum of £150 including breakfast

  • Postgraduate Drs in Training can claim up to £20 per night if staying with friends or family

Daily meals subsistence allowances:

  • Meals allowance - Per 24-hour period: £20.00 broken down as follows:-

  • Lunch allowance (more than five hours away from base, including the lunchtime period between 12:00 pm to 2:00pm) UP TO £5.00

  • Evening meal allowance (more than ten hours away from base and return after 7:00 pm) UP TO £15.00

  • The expectation is that one receipt supports one meal - please do not submit multiple receipts to the Trust office

Once the expenses claim form is fully completed with signature and receipts, the form must be sent to the PGMC for final authorisation. Expenses are then reimbursed through payroll and these should be received by them no later than 3 months of the event date.


A new expense claim form must be completed for each different event/date.

Please note that in order to claim expenses, we will need to deduct from your study leave time allowance. Please discuss this with your rota team if the course falls on an off day. 

Payroll deadlines vary each month, but are generally towards the beginning of the month. We will do our best to submit in time for month end, however, if this is missed, you will receive payment in the following month. 


As well as claiming in the normal way from the Trust, as above, the trainee is responsible for submitting copies of their receipts to the NHSe 

with a subject heading Overseas Claim.  Trainees should include the application reference number on all communications.

  • All receipts should have a registered VAT number although a copy of the booking form for flights including costs will be accepted.  A receipt from the hotel will be accepted with an itemised account on expenditure; personal credit card receipts of payment will not be accepted

  • Any costs incurred by the trainee without having approval will be borne by the trainee if the request is declined

  • Trainees can only claim for one overseas course/conference within 1 programme OR if on a run through programme they are able to take an opportunity to attend an overseas event every 3 years.


Valid from 1st August 2023

UHP are governed by the NHSe Study Leave Guidance and they will query all late claims as well as the type of course/event/conference the trainee is attending.  

Please ensure you refer to the full NHSe Guidance which can be found on their website here:

NHSe Full Guidance

Current Important Guidance Highlights

There are still three categories, however there is also an approved course/conference/event list which can be accessed via the NHSe page (link above)

  • (1) Specific to the requirements of the Curriculum - FUNDED AT 100%

  • (2) Enhanced knowledge FUNDED AT 100%

Please Note: These courses should only be approved for funding if the trainee has achieved their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training. 

  • (3) Career Progression - FUNDED AT 50%

If you are applying for study leave courses which cost more than £1000 the trust has to obtain further approval from NHSe, therefore it really is important to apply with at least 6 weeks notice to give us enough time to process and notify you of the approval outcome prior to financially committing to the event

Irrespective of funding all study leave time must be applied for using this study leave guidance.

Postgraduate doctors in training are unable to be reimbursed for any courses attended if they are on annual leave days

Postgraduate doctors in training should refer to the course list for approved / acceptable courses to attend


Study leave days count as working days and so should normally be taken on working days. If it is necessary to take them on non-working days (e.g. weekend or rostered day off), then time in lieu days should be agreed with the rota manager/Educational Supervisor at the time of agreeing the study leave. Both ES and the trainee should ensure this does not make the trainee breach their contract requirements on hours worked or EWTD.

If a trainee is unable to attend an event or part of an event because they have been required to work by their employer, NHSe will not reimburse the costs. If study leave time was granted by their employer, the trainee should ask their employer to reimburse the costs.





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