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Core Ultrasound Intensive Care (CUSIC) Course

This is a one day course which comprises a 50:50 mixture of didactic lectures and small group hands-on training. The course is aimed at those with no or limited experience of lung ultrasound and who are involved in the care of acutely ill patients. The course covers the Core Ultrasound Intensive Care Syllabus (CUSIC) and is approved by the Intensive Care Society.


Course objectives

  • Undertake a structured lung ultrasound examination

  • Image interpretation:

  1. Assessment of pneumothorax

  2. Diagnosis and assessment of pleural effusion

  3. Differentiate pleural fluid from abdominal fluid

  4. Identify lung consolidation, atelectasis and interstitial syndrome

  • Use of lung ultrasound in the assessment of acute respiratory distress (blue protocol)

  • Use of lung ultrasound to guide pleural drainage (direct and indirect)

  • Basic abdominal scanning (ascites and bladder assessment)

  • Practice ultrasound guided needling skills

  • Outline pathway for further training to gain CUSIC accreditation


Course Fee: £150.00 (Accommodation extra)

(Course fee for Focused Echo and Lung Ultrasound when booked together £250)


THIS COURSE IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD - we will update this page as soon as there is any news, please check back regularly 

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