The following is the process and policy for all trainees above Foundation.  If you are Foundation Year 1, you are not entitled to study leave in addition to the teaching sessions and training days already scheduled.  For FY2, please find information on our dedicated foundation section.

You can only apply for study leave if your mandatory training on the ESR portal is up to date at the time of applying. This applies to both time and any associated expenses.


All study leave needs to be applied for prospectively, expenses must then be claimed for within 3 months of the  event date.  You can obtain an application form from your rota office or from the PGMC main office. 

You must also make a request for the date/s of study leave with the service line rota coordinator via Allocate- MEDIC ON LINE (this is  to check availability with the rota and register time off).


Following this, paper applications for study leave must be submitted prospectively to the Medical Education Manager, Kerry Dungay, 6 weeks before the date of the event, after discussion with you educational supervisor, and with the approval of the rota office and educational supervisor on the application.  You can collect an application form from PGMC or from your rota office.  

Once your study leave is approved by PGMC you will receive an email from us detailing how to claim expenses. Please note that all expense claim forms must have original signatures and we cannot accept scanned copies.

After you have attended the course, we will be unable to process expenses if we do not have a study leave application dated prior to the course dates.



- Exam Fees & Expenses

- Revision Courses (please see HEE policy     guidance for exceptions)

- Audit Meetings

- Clinical Governance meetings

- Postgraduate diplomas/certificates (but funding may be available from other sources)

- Out of Programme trainees

For doctors who do not have a National Training Number (clinical Fellow, Trust Doctor etc) funding is capped at £577 per contract year.  For further information please contact us.


You will need to submit a separate Study Leave application for an overseas course at least 8 weeks prior to the event to with a subject heading “Overseas REQUEST for Study Leave”

The Deanery will respond within 48 hours and you will be issued with a reference number. 


You will then be expected to also apply for study leave as normal and outlined above, using your reference approval number. 

All receipts need to be attached

Travel and Subsistence

Overseas flights are ineligible; however travel to port of exit is accepted. 

Internal flights are eligible, providing cost does not exceed total return mileage.  All public transport must have receipts attached.  If you are driving, mileage to and from the event is £0.28/mile, and extra passengers (£0.05). This should be completed in full on the expense form.


Exam fees and expenses are ineligible.

  • Accommodation within London £150 per night. Overnight accommodation outside of London should not exceed £120.                   

  • Subsistence £15                               

  • Lunch £5

Please note HEE Policy when claiming


Once the expenses claim form is fully completed with signature and receipts, the form must be sent to the PGMC for final authorisation. Expenses are then reimbursed through payroll and these should be received by them no later than 3 months of the event date.


A new expense claim form must be completed for each different event/date.


As well as claiming in the normal way from the Trust, as above, the trainee is responsible for submitting copies of their receipts to the HEE 

with a subject heading Overseas Claim.  Trainees should include the application reference number on all communications.

  • All receipts should have a registered VAT number although a copy of the booking form for flights including costs will be accepted.  A receipt from the hotel will be accepted with an itemised account on expenditure; personal credit card receipts of payment will not be accepted

  • Any costs incurred by the trainee without having approval will be borne by the trainee if the request is declined

  • Trainees can only claim for one overseas course/conference within 1 programme OR if on a run through programme they are able to take an opportunity to attend an overseas event every 3 years.




UHP are governed by HEE policy and they will query all late claims as well as the type of course the trainee is attending.  

For more detailed information, please visit their site.

Current Important Guidance Highlights

There has been guidance issued around 

Study leave is currently categorised into three groups (please see attached and familiarise yourself and identify on the application form)

  • (1) Specific to the requirements of the Curriculum - (this does not include Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, other Postgraduate courses or any other higher level course – (See Postgraduate and Higher Courses below); 

Funding should only be requested if the course is relevant to attend at their particular stage of training. (Full funding);

  • (2) Enhanced knowledge – Whilst not explicitly recognised as requirements for the trainee’s curriculum, such activities may help the trainee complete parts of the curriculum. It is expected that those applying for these courses will have met their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training.  (HEE will monitor approvals for this category

Please Note: These courses should only be approved for funding if the trainee has achieved their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training. 

  • (3) Career Progression - these courses should only be required at the latter stage of training.  These courses should, in most cases, only be approved for funding if the trainee has achieved their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training. 

If you are applying for study leave courses which cost more than £300, and are not category one, you will require TPD or HoS sign off. 

Study leave days count as working days and so should normally be taken on working days. If it is necessary to take them on non-working days (e.g. weekend of rostered day off), then the lieu days should be agreed with the Educational Supervisor at the time of agreeing the study leave. Both ES and the trainee should ensure this does not make the trainee breach their contract requirements on hours worked or EWTD.

If a trainee is unable to attend an event or part of an event because they have been required to work by their employer, HEE will not reimburse the costs. If study leave time was granted by their employer, the trainee should ask their employer to reimburse the costs.


HEE have a set list of specialty/programme eligibility for these.  Please check on this list before booking any courses: 




PG Courses

Applications for any post graduate academic qualifications (e.g. Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas) will not be accepted through the study leave application process.

The PGMDE office will continue to provide trainees with an opportunity to access funding for PG courses through the competitive Bursary application process each year. Neither Masters courses nor PhD courses will be considered. Applications will be open at the start of May each year as from 2020 and information will be posted on the HEE website.