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NHSe (HEE) & UHP Joint Study Leave Process and Policy

In addition to any department specific processes for applying for study leave (e.g. using the Allocate app), you must apply for study leave through the PGMC team. This is the case whether you are applying for funding or not as you are allocated a finite amount of time as well as  funds that we are required to monitor.  Please find basic study leave principles on this page and then select your staff group for the specific policies and processes which apply to your role.  

Dates for your Diary:

  • SIX WEEKS:  Study Leave Applications should be submitted with as much notice as possible but ideally at least 6 weeks before start of leave

  • EIGHT WEEKS:  Overseas study leave applications must be submitted to NHSE study leave team at least 8 weeks before start of leave

  • EXPENSE CLAIMS:  Please see table below for submission deadlines each month and which pay month your expenses will be paid (please note that expense claims cannot be submitted before the leave has taken place


Basic Study Leave Principles for all PG DiTs, Locally Employed Doctors and Physician Associates:  

  • We can only accept applications on the up to date forms that are available in the sections linked above - 08.2023 V1

  • Incomplete forms will be returned.  Ensure ALL sections are completed – Do not alter any other part of the document.

  • Completed, signed forms must be sent to the PGMC at least 6 weeks before start date of planned leave

  • Retrospective applications can not be accepted under any circumstances 

  • Applications must have full approval and signatures of all necessary approvers on the ONE COMPLETE FORM before sending to PGMC.

  • Study leave will be declined if you have not completed the Trust mandatory training (on ESR) – Any problems please contact:

  • Final approval will be sent to you via email from the PGMC team.  Without this approval your study leave must be self-funded.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Leave approved on Healthroster (or CLW) DOES NOT confirm Study Leave has been applied for or approved – Healthroster/CLW is just for your department information.

  • For PG DiTs, there is a separate process for overseas study leave which includes the requirement for at least 8 weeks notice. 

Basic Study Leave Principles for Senior Staff: 

  • ALL study leave applications must go by email to your service line for approval who then send it on to PGMC via email for processing. In addition you must still follow the processes expected by your service line for study leave. Please note: until you receive an approval confirmation email from the PGMC, your study leave remains unapproved!  ​

  • ​Expenses for retrospective study leave applications will not be paid unless there are exceptional circumstances. This has to be agreed by the Deputy Director of Medical Education​

  • Senior Staff Study Leave expenses cannot be claimed for until after the study leave event has taken place and the study leave must have been applied for and approved prior to attending.  Expense claims without prior study leave approval cannot be approved.​

  • All expense applications must come direct to the PGMC and do not need to be signed off by your service line.​

  • NO study leave expenses should be claimed on e-expenses for any reason. The allowances on e-expenses are different to Senior Staff Study Leave expenses and you may find that payroll will claim back the difference!

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