PLEASE NOTE: This study leave guide and forms are for foundation grade trainees only.  For all other grades of Dr please refer to the Junior or Senior Study leave guide and forms which can be found here: STUDY LEAVE

For full guidance and study leave policy from HEE you can visit their site, however, here are the main highlights:


Study leave for Foundation Year 1 - if you are an F1 please contact the UHP Foundation Programme Manager in the first instance to discuss the possibility of applying for study leave.  Standard F1 study leave takes the form of regular weekly teaching at the PGMC (Core Teaching).  If you are booked onto your ALS course during F1 then these two days are borrowed from your F2 allowance.  F1s may use up to 5 days of their F2 study leave for tasters to inform future career decision making.​  F1s may also use 1 day of their F2 study leave to attend a careers planning workshop offered by HEE (SW).  F1s cannot borrow F2s days for anything else unless express permission has been sought from and granted by Dr Sarah Rawlinson (Head of Foundation School for the Peninsula).  F1s have no study leave budget.  F1s also need to record what study leave they have borrowed from F2.  This needs to be recorded as per the F2 study leave record below and uploaded to your portfolio ready for ARCP. 

Study leave for Foundation Year 2

  • F2s have a total of 30 study leave days over their 12 month training year.   Some of this is pre-allocated and may be "borrowed" from F2 and taken in F1.  Please ask the PGMC foundation team to confirm your SL allowance.

  • You must ensure you are familiar with the study leave policy and follow this when booking ANY study leave including regional teaching, GP Set Learning Days, Taster Weeks and other courses

  • Study leave can only be considered as approved once you receive an approved email from the PGMC Foundation Team

  • Below is a summary of how some of the study leave is pre-allocated as set out by the foundation school. 

  • 1 day simulation training (delivered in 2 half days)

  • 5 days Tasters (can be taken in F1)

  • 5 days GP Set Learning Days

  • 2 days ALS (may be taken in F1)

  • 5 days Foundation Teaching (min 4 days from regional programme (Maxcourse) plus an additional 6 hrs (1 day) from foundation specific teaching (e.g. pain management )

  • The above means that trainees NOT undertaking a GP placement will have 17 days available for other courses and those doing GP will have 12.

  • The pre allocated study leave detailed above cannot be used for anything else so if you choose not to undertake a taster week you cannot use those 5 days for other courses.  Foundation Teaching, SIM, GP Days and ALS are mandatory.

  • All approved study leave must be recorded on the document below so that a cumulative record of the number of days taken can be kept.  This document needs to be uploaded to your portfolio at the end of your training year and ready for ARCP.  Please upload to "course/seminar/other learning attended"

Booking Study Leave and Taster Week

  • ​Prior to booking any study leave follow our Flowchart Guide on how to apply.  This ensures you follow the process correctly

  • To book any form of study leave including all of the above - please refer to our study leave booking page which includes the necessary forms.