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Physician Associates

Physician Associates (PAs) are a huge asset to the multidisciplinary teams within the Trust. PGMC is proud to support Physician Associates working at the Trust during both their two year rotational period and in their permanent roles. 

UHP PA Mission Statement

We offer a PA programme which delivers continuity of care, protected time and development of role. We help patients, colleagues and the wider organisation by delivering quality patient care based on compassion and collaboration.


We aim to be a leading innovative PA programme, focussed on developing and supporting the profession both locally and nationally, building specialist knowledge through value-driven rotational programmes and education.


PAs can access a number of different support mechanisms within the Trust and we recommend taking a look at our Wellbeing page for further details on what is available generally. 

You may also benefit from tailored support that recognises the unique challenges you might face as a PA. As such, this page details some key information that we hope will be useful for you. You can also contact the PA Team at any time should you need help, support, guidance or a cup of tea!  

The PA Team is currently made up of Medical Education Manager, Kate Talmage, and PGME Coordinator, Caitlin Taylor,

Portfolios and CPD

In order to to remain on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR), a requirement for all our PAs at the Trust, you must complete at least 50 hours (credits) of CPD per year, including 25 hours of 'external' credits. This should be recorded on FPAs CPD diary platform. We recommend you use a portfolio to collect evidence of your professional development which can be used for appraisals as well as aiding your progression as a professional.

Please take a look at our Portfolio tab for PAs for further information and guidance. You can also use the FPA website for useful resources and information. 

Study Leave

PAs are entitled to 5 days study leave per contract year (plus an additional 5 days for a Taster Week) and access to an annual budget of £577 for course fees and associated expenses. To access this please refer to our PA Study Leave tab.

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