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Important Updates


F1s are given the opportunity to SWAP their F2 rotations - this is an official HEE process and the window to swap is open to all F1s at the same time.

HEE normally send out details of the process in Nov/Dec with decisions being announced some time in Jan/Feb

This year the process may be a little late but it will happen and all updates will be on here as well as direct emails to all F1s via HEE

In the meantime - HEE have informed us that there are very few vacancies this year and it may be hard to accommodate many requests, they will do their best but please be prepared that your swaps request may not be accepted.

No swaps can be accepted outside of the official process - you cannot plan swaps arranged yourself between 2 doctors so please wait for the process.

Details of the HEE SWAPS process can be found here:



There have been a few updates and policy changes for study leave - please read our study leave guidelines on our dedicated page to familiarise yourselves with the most up to date and current process for applying for study leave and related expenses.

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