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Pain Management Seminars

*** Booking is essential as spaces are limited ***

Specifically designed seminars for Foundation Doctors as part of their core teaching hours.  Although attendance at these sessions are not mandatory, they are of utmost importance and a patient safety issue. These sessions are useful, practical and highly relevant so we highly recommend you attend at least one of these seminars.

DATES FOR 2023-2024

Monday or Wednesday lunchtimes 12:30-13:30 PGMC 2023-2024

  Monday October 30th          Seminar Room 1 - 20 spaces

 Wednesday November 15th   Seminar Room 2 - 20 space

    Monday December 4th         Seminar Room 4 - 20 spaces
  Wednesday January 10th          Seminar Room 4 - 20 spaces
    Monday February 19th           Seminar Room 4 - 20 spaces
    Wednesday March 20th          Seminar Room 1 - 20 spaces

Monday April 8th                    Seminar Room 4- 20 spaces

Confused about managing complex pain problems?


Not sure what chronic pain is?


Difficulty managing opioid-tolerant patients?


What is neuropathic pain?


What should I prescribe at discharge?



If you know the answers to all these questions, don’t come.

If not, drop in and learn.

Bring lunch.

Taught by Dr M Rockett or Dr D Hutchins

Inpatient pain management lead.



"Acute pain management and safe opioid use is of utmost importance and a patient safety issue"

(F2 programme director).

"Well presented, pitched at right level"

"Nice to have some proper medical teaching in pharmacology"

"Really useful, not too much information all at once, a good amount for remembering"

(previous Foundation Dr feedback).

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