Pain Management Seminars

*** Booking is essential as spaces are limited ***

Specifically designed seminars for Foundation Doctors as part of their core teaching hours.  Although attendance at these sessions are not mandatory, they are of utmost importance and a patient safety issue. These sessions are useful, practical and highly relevant so we highly recommend you attend at least one of these seminars.

Wednesday lunchtimes 12:30-13:30 Postgraduate Medical Centre (2020-2021)

October 21st             Seminar Room 3

November 11th          Seminar Room 4

November 25th          Seminar Room 4

December 9th             Seminar Room 4

January 6th                Seminar Room 4

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 the speaker (Dr Rockett) will be delivering these sessions via MS Teams for the foreseable future. However we do request that you book onto a session and attend in person so that a register is taken and your attendance can be recorded for your CORE hours requirement.  If for any reason, you cannot attend any of these sessions in person please contact the foundation team via email to discuss the possibility of accessing one of the sessions remotely.

Confused about managing complex pain problems?


Not sure what chronic pain is?


Difficulty managing opioid-tolerant patients?


What is neuropathic pain?


What should I prescribe at discharge?



If you know the answers to all these questions, don’t come.

If not, drop in and learn.

Bring lunch.

Taught by Dr M Rockett

Inpatient pain management lead.



"Acute pain management and safe opioid use is of utmost importance and a patient safety issue"

(F2 programme director).

"Well presented, pitched at right level"

"Nice to have some proper medical teaching in pharmacology"

"Really useful, not too much information all at once, a good amount for remembering"

(previous Foundation Dr feedback).

  • Pain Management Seminars
    Seminar Room 4 - PGMC
  • Pain Management Seminars
    Seminar Room 4 - PGMC

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