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** Trust Grade or Locally Employed Doctors**

PLEASE NOTE: This study leave guide and forms are for Trust Grade or Locally Employed doctors only.  If you are on a Health Education England training programme, please refer to the guidance here or if you are a Foundation trainee, click here. If you are on the Prague Medical Graduate programme as an F1 equivalent, elements of this policy, including the allowance for both time and expenses DOES NOT apply to you. Please contact Caitlin Taylor if you want more information about what you can apply for as a Prague Medical Graduate.


As a Trust Grade doctor you can apply for up to 30 days of study leave pro-rata per contract year. Your study leave funding is capped at £577 pro-rata per contract year. Study leave days and funding cannot be rolled over into a new contract year. 

Please note that in order to claim expenses, we will need to deduct from your study leave time allowance. This means you will need to apply for study leave even if a course falls on your off day if you intend to claim back expenses. 



The below courses/events are not covered by the study leave process:

- Exam Fees & Expenses

- General Instructor Courses (GIC)

- Audit Meetings

- Clinical Governance meetings

- Postgraduate diplomas/certificates (but funding may be available from other sources)


Application Process​

Prior to booking any study leave, please follow our Flowchart Guide below to ensure you follow the process correctly and avoid disappointment. 

You can only apply for study leave if your mandatory training on the ESR portal is up to date at the time of applying. This applies to both time and any associated expenses.


All study leave needs to be applied for prospectively (with a minimum of 6 weeks notice), expenses must then be claimed for within 10 weeks of the event date.  The SL application form is linked below and expenses claim forms will be sent out via email if your SL is approved.

You will need to complete a digital study leave application, with the appropriate digital signatures included and submit to: Please note that we cannot accept scanned or printed copies of the application form.

Applicaion Process
TG Doctor Study Leave Flowchart NEW 2023.jpg

Forms and Further Guidance


Junior Doctor Study Leave Application Form  Please complete and submit digitally. We cannot accept scanned or printed versions of the form. 


When Study Leave is approved you will receive an approval email which includes an expenses claim form and details on how you can claim back your related expenses.

All receipts need to be attached to your expenses claim form.


What can be claimed for:

Travel and Subsistence

Overseas flights are ineligible; however travel to port of exit is accepted. 

Internal flights are eligible, providing cost does not exceed total return mileage.  All public transport must have receipts attached.  If you are driving, mileage to and from the event is £0.30/mile, and extra passengers (£0.05). This should be completed in full on the expense form.


Accommodation within London £150 per night. Overnight accommodation outside of London should not exceed £120.                   

  • Subsistence £15                               

  • Lunch £5


Once the expenses claim form is fully completed with signature and receipts, the form must be sent to the PGMC for final authorisation. Expenses are then reimbursed through payroll and these should be received by them no later than 10 weeks after the course/event date. 


A new expense claim form must be completed for each different event/date.

Payroll deadlines vary each month, but are generally towards the beginning of the month. We will do our best to submit in time for month end, however, if this is missed, you will receive payment in the following month. 

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