This year is the first year UHP will be part of the F2 regional teaching programme.  This programme was put together to provide all trainees across the SW Peninsula with accessible, quality and diverse training. In order to do this, you will need to register with Maxcourse and book yourself on to the available courses.  You will also need to book this as part of the study leave process to ensure you can be rostered off. For full and comprehensive guidance on what you need to attend in the year in order to pass your ARCP please refer to our Formal Teaching Policy and also visit the HEE website.

However, we think that recording the days and hours can get slightly tricky, so we've put together a sample record sheet to help and you can obtain a blank excel version from us to use. 

UHP Foundation Teaching Policy

Nurse Talking to Patient


We have some optional lunchtime sessions, held at the PGMC,we think would be very useful for you.  These are not mandatory, so you will need to ensure you have permission to attend from your firm, however they are classed as CORE teaching and will count towards the required minimum 30hr core teaching attendance 

14th October 2019            

13:00 – 14:30                     

Breaking Bad News


9th December 2019         

13:00 – 14:30                     

Quality Improvement


10th February 2020          

13:00 – 15:00                     

Career Planning / Specialist Recruitment


16th March 2020               

13:00 – 14:00                     

ARCP / e-portfolio Q&A

Chart & Stethoscope


For full guidance and study leave policy from HEE you can visit their site, however, here are the main highlights:

  • You will need to collect a study leave application, either from the PGMC, or from your rota office.  Please complete in full and obtain signatures from your Educational Supervisor and Rota office.  

  • Please ensure study leave application reach us for authorisation no later than six weeks before the study leave event. You might be at risk of your study leave being rejected if this is not done.

  • Study leave is divided into 'Essential' (Course funded at 100%) and 'Aspirational' (Course funded at 50%). 

    • Essential is anything that is Foundation Curriculum aligned and consists of the following courses: ​

      • ALS​

      • NLS

      • Leadership Courses aimed at Foundation trainees

      • Traine the trainer

      • Conference if presenting a poster

      • National UKFPO Conference

      • Time (not expenses) for exams

      • Xray / Radiology skills aimed at Foundation Doctors

      • Any conference aimed at Foundation Doctors

    • Aspirational is anything that is intended to support career plans and includes: 

      • ATLS, APLS, EPLS​

      • BSS

      • Attendance at non-foundation related conferences without a poster presentation.

  • You must obtain Foundation Programme Director authorisation before booking on to any aspirational courses.  This is to ensure your e-portfolio is up to date and you PDP is relevant to the course specified.  If this is not done, you will not be authorised for expenses or time off. 

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